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              Are you a quality buyer or price shopper?  What does quality seed cost per square foot?  Seed is the least expensive part of your job.  It cost between

    1 and 2 cents per square foot for quality grass seed.  The seed and fertilizer that is used is the most important part of the job.  What the customer looks at

    for the next 20 years is based on the seed that is used in the beginning.

                 The following quality mixtures are in stock at all times.   We are happy to custom mix to your specifications.  We appreciate 24  hours notice on

     custom mixes.


PRO                                                                 ELITE                                                            4-WAY RYE                                              IMPROVED SHADE

 25% Wildhorse Kentucky Bluegrass                   20% Blue Angel Kentucky Bluegrass                  25% Revenge Perennial Ryegrass                      30% Shadow III Chewings Fescue

 20% Blue Angel Kentucky Bluegrass                  20% Wildhorse Kentucky Bluegrass                   25% Patriot IV Perennial Ryegrass                    30% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue

 15% Manhattan VI Perennial Ryegrass              20% Evening Shade Perennial Ryegrass          25% Laredo II Perennial Ryegrass                      25% Manhattan VI Perennial Ryegrass

 15% Evening Shade Perennial Ryegrass            20% Manhattan VI Perennial Ryegrass            25% Manhattan VI Perennial Ryegrass           15% Nanook Hard Fescue

 15% Patriot IV Perennial Ryegrass                       20% Laredo II Perennial Ryegrass                                6-8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.                                          6-8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.

 10% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue                                6-8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.

       6-8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. 

TALL FESCUE BLEND                          ATHLETIC                                                PENN STATE                                           HEAVY DUTY SHADE(SCOTTISH LINKS)

 35% 2nd Millennium Turf Type Tall Fescue    20% CSI Creeping Perennial Ryegrass              20% Patriot IV Perennial Ryegrass                      25% Marco Polo Sheep Fescue

 35% Traverse II Turf Type Tall Fescue                20% Manhattan VI Perennial Ryegrass            20% Evening Shade Perennial Ryegrass           25% J-5 Chewings Fescue

 30% Aztec II Turf Type Tall Fescue                       20% Pangea Perennial Ryegrass                          20% Laredo II Perennial Ryegrass                        25% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue

       8-10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.                                      20% Revenge Perennial Ryegrass                       20% Kentucky Bluegrass VNS                                25% Ecostar Plus Hard Fescue

                                                                                                10% SR 2100 Kentucky Bluegrass                      20% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue                                 6-8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.

                                                                                                10% Wildhorse Kentucky Bluegrass                        6-8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.

                                                                                                      6-8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. 


SOD BLEND                                                50/50 BLUE RYE                                   PREMIUM                                                 TUFF TURF

100% Elite Bluegrasses (4 varieties)                       25% Manhattan VI Perennial Ryegrass            75% Elite Kentucky Bluegrasses                          40% Aquavita Turf Type Tall Fescue

High Quality Cultivars                                                  25% Revenge Perennial Ryegrass                       (Nuglade, Midnight, Award                                    40% Traverse II Turf Type Tall Fescue

      3-5 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.                                           25% Wildhorse Kentucky Bluegrass                   or Everest, etc.)                                                           10% Manhattan VI Perennial Ryegrass

                                                                                                  25% Shamrock Kentucky Bluegrass                 25% Manhattan VI Perennial Ryegrass             10% Wildhorse Kentucky Bluegrass

                                                                                                        6 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.                                                 3-5 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.                                             8-10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.




POND MIX                                                   MARCELLUS UTICA B-C

50% Tuscany II Forage Tall Fescue                         50% Tuscany II Forage Tall Fescue

25% Annual Ryegrass VNS                                          25% Bison II Forage Perennial Ryegrass

25% Bison II Forage Perennial Ryegrass              15% Annual Ryegrass VNS

      150-200 lbs. per acre                                                  5% Alsike Clover VNS

                                                                                                     5% Norcen Birdsfoot Trefoil

                                                                                                         Double Inoculated

                                                                                                         150-200 lbs. per acre


ODOT LAWN                                 ODOT ROADSIDE                    UTILITY                                        CONTRACTOR                        PASTURE

30% Kentucky Bluegrass VNS                   40% K-31 Tall Fescue                               40% Perennial Ryegrass VNS               50% Annual Ryegrass VNS                25% Climax Timothy

30% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue             30% Perennial Ryegrass VNS               30% Annual Ryegrass VNS                    30% Perennial Ryegrass VNS           25% Bison II Forage Perennial Ryegrass

20% Perennial Ryegrass VNS                    30% Kentucky Bluegrass VNS              15% Kentucky Bluegrass VNS             20% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue    25% Potomac Orchardgrass

20% Annual Ryegrass VNS                              8-10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.                    15% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue              6-8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.                 15% Kentucky Bluegrass VNS

     6-8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.                                                                                                              6-8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.                                                                                             10% Vernal Alfalfa

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Double Inoculated

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        50-100 lbs. per acre


We are an ODOT approved supplier.  Some ODOT mixtures are in stock, others are available upon request. 

                                                                                           Ingredients may vary during the season if varieties are sold out.